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Viewings & negotiation

As soon as all the preparations have been made, we can get started! Together with you, we will pick the right moment to launch your listing on various websites. Every viewing is an opportunity! By asking potential buyers questions, listening carefully, and adopting a solution-focused mindset, we often unlock new insights that help eliminate reservations and generate or reinforce serious interest. We are always generous with our time for potential buyers, which results in the best sale proceeds and very satisfied customers. After all, buying a house is not like buying groceries. Clear and open communication is essential when selling a house. It’s an excellent basis for a thorough negotiation process, and during the negotiation process is when you make money! Having been in this business for so many years, we have developed a keen ability to sense exactly what a buyer’s boundaries are, so that we can get them to make a maximum effort to buy your house. This is how we almost always more than earn our commission!