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Need a valuation report?

Just bought a house? Want to increase or switch your mortgage? Or are you a mortgage adviser looking for an experienced partner to take care of property valuations for you? We have many years’ experience in the area of validated (NWWI) valuation reports. We’re fast, expert, and independent, and will be happy to help you with all your property valuations.

A Soeteman property valuer will help you get ahead

You need a reliable valuation of your (new) home. We will waste no time in letting you know exactly where you stand. Thanks to our many years’ property valuation experience and our thorough approach, we are always able to deliver a comprehensive, well-substantiated value assessment. A property valuation is generally required for a mortgage application, but we can also help you with a property valuation for a divorce, legal proceedings, and other disputes. Soeteman is flexible, experienced, and fast, which is a great help if you need your valuation report right away.

Certified and registered property valuers

Hans and Bob are registered in the Dutch register of property valuers (NRVT), meaning that you will be assured of a thorough valuation report that, with or without NWWI validation, will be accepted by all financial institutions.

Need a property valuation?

Looking for a certified property valuer in or near Nijmegen? You’ve come to the right place, we will be happy to get you a valuation on your (new) home.