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Want to buy a house?

Buying a house is not easy. Market prices, fees, laws, rules, architecture: the estate agents at Soeteman are naturals at all of it and can guide you to your new home. Flexible, transparent, and always putting your interests first. Because buying a home is something you do only a couple of times in your life. So you want it done right and without any worries.

Soeteman buying agent is here to help

Soeteman is here for you when you want to buy a house. We know exactly what to look out for when buying a house. That’s because we’ve been doing this every day for 50 years, but also because we listen closely to your preferences and needs. Negotiating is an art. We get to the bottom of everything for you and make sure that you buy your dream home without any worries!

How we operate

We will put together a search profile and start looking for homes that match your preferences and needs. Once we have found the perfect home, we’ll go on a viewing with you. Obviously, you are the best judge of whether it could indeed be your new home. We take a critical and objective look at the pros and cons of the house. Any hidden defects? If after the viewing you are still convinced it’s the home for you, we will launch an in-depth examination and start negotiating. We are tough negotiators and will keep going until we have agreed on a good price.

Also when it comes to settling, such as signing the purchase agreement, we will be by your side. And once you have bought your dream home, we will stop by after you move in to check that everything went well.

Step-by-step plan for buying a home