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Bob Jacobs
+31 6 57640624

Registered estate agent, registered property valuer


Bob Jacobs

Bob grew up in the village of Malden and subsequently lived in Nijmegen’s Bottendaal district for 10 years. After that, he and his girlfriend and their two children swapped this highly sought-after area for more rural surroundings in the tiny village of Doornenburg. What he likes doing the most at home? Lighting up the barbecue. In the summer AND in the winter. Preferably with some nice wine on the side.

As an estate agent, he finds it very important to gain his clients’ trust. To get everyone on the same page, that’s his goal. By taking the time to get to know his clients and their needs, he wants to make the buying or selling process as carefree for his clients as possible. That’s what he finds most fulfilling.